Steem, a hostile platform?

Collective governments always bring with them complications and disagreements, as do the spaces in which coexistence agreements are jointly established. Steem is no exception and just as there are millions of ways of looking at life, there are millions of ways of understanding this platform.

We also know that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Part of the problem of living together is learning to live with that. We learn to accept people and try to influence in those things that we don’t like or that seem wrong to us, but we can’t force anyone.

The Mexican politician Benito Juarez, said in 1867 a phrase that has transcended and that I like very much: «Peace Means Respect for the Rights of Others». It is clear that this respect is the first step towards a harmonious relationship and I think it is important to highlight it today in our Steem platform.

Here are some projects that have a very important role, but that on many occasions, by not following Juarez’s statement, harm the extraordinary work they do. An example of this is some communities that must ensure that «some» do not abuse with plagiarized content, with Spam, with stolen images, with identity theft… On many occasions we see how they do an extraordinary job of detecting plagiarism that is very well disguised, very well hidden. They discover traps that are surprising because of the level of research they must have done in order to detect it. They detect very well hidden relationships that encourage abuse with the reward pool, etc.

But in contrast to this extraordinary work, we see how they fall equally into abuse, mistreatment, rudeness (and they usually defend it). Likewise, as it can happen to all of us, they fall into mistakes, but there is no rectification possible. I insist, not always, but it happens a lot.

As Uncle Ben said (although there are earlier versions): With great power comes great responsibility. That’s one of the sensitive aspects of this subject. Those aggressions become mechanisms to drive a lot of people away from the platform and I mean valuable people, creative people. Hostile actions that threaten the health of Steem and its crypto.

However, the position in the face of this «failure» cannot be to take the same attitude against those who practice it… Our first duty is to understand what is happening and to take an attitude towards the situation, but to make respect prevail and hope that our actions contribute to improving our environment and not to harming it.

We are all well aware of the negative impact that the voting wars have had in this space and I believe that we should do everything possible to prevent them from continuing or generating new ones.

It is also important to see ALL sides of the coin, not to focus on just one. There is a very questioned user, who has made countless contributions to the development of the platform. His role has been important in Steem’s growth and, between mistakes and successes, he is still a very important user today: @themarkymark.

He’s one of the top witnesses. Among many others, he also has my vote, for the contribution he makes in different communities that help the growth of all users and especially the minnows. I think that his content has also been very useful for many new users (and not so new) and that his contribution to the general community is important.

He has also been one of the promoters of the negative vote to punish abusers and is the creator of the blacklist api in Steem, as well as being a promoter of the communities that are in charge of the «cleaning». Yeah, the same ones that sometimes commit abuse…

In this post I did not come to judge whether his action is good or bad. He currently has my vote as a witness for the reasons stated. However, if someone makes me see that it is more what he does that is harmful, than what he helps, then I will gladly take my vote away from him and give it to someone else.

The curious thing is that among those who oppose him, because of her «malpractice», they are falling into practices that are just as bad as those they denounce. In recent days, a message arrived at my Wallet with a clear and direct threat, where they tell me that if I don’t take away this witness’ vote, they will start downvoting me.

Screenshot oof my wallet

The paradox of this is that the reason to fight him is because he usually gives downvote to other authors (rightly or wrongly is another story).

Thanks to the platform trolls, I’m currently getting about 20 downvotes on every post I make (fortunately they don’t have any SP, although it’s still unpleasant). Now, if I don’t agree with my extortionist’s orders, I’m going to receive more negative votes, but now now with Steempower… That is to say, if I don’t obey and take my vote away from whoever «he» says, I’ll be punished…

Well, this is a platform to welcome new users! Come all that Steem is decentralized! Here there is full freedom!

Please, what are we doing?

Facebook and the centralized networks have all the bad things we all know, but I have never been threatened by what I do there. For me there is no comparison and the wonderful opportunities Steem offers are unmatched. But if we take it upon ourselves to turn it into a hostile platform, we’ll be destroying it.

It is in the hands of all of us to maintain it as a creative platform of freedom, respect and support. This is the only way to keep it going.

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